How Do You Contact Auto-Owners Customer Service?

Last Updated on November 19, 2023

Auto-Owners Insurance Group is a mutual insurance company headquartered in Lansing, Michigan.

Founded in 1916, Auto-Owners originally offered insurance exclusively within Indiana and Michigan. Today, the company sells auto insurance in roughly half the country and has been a member of the Fortune 500 since 2003 (listed at #320 on the Fortune 500 in 2020).

Contrary to what its name suggests, Auto-Owners sells more than just car insurance; the company also sells life, home, and business insurance through various subsidiaries.

Many Auto-Owners policyholders do business through their local agent. Auto-Owners works with thousands of agents across the country, and these agents handle claims, policy changes, and other requests. However, you can also contact Auto-Owners’ main customer service team for inquiries.

You can contact Auto-Owners and the company’s customer service team via the following:

Phone: 800-346-0346

Online Form:

Mailing Address: 6101 Anacapri Blvd Lansing, MI 48917

Fax: 517-323-8796

Does Auto-Owners Have 24/7 Customer Service?

Auto-Owners offers 24/7 claims handling and roadside assistance. However, the company only offers general customer service during normal business hours.

If you’re contacting your local independent agent, your agent generally has normal business hours local to your area. Some agents are available after hours, but most maintain a 9am to 5pm schedule or something similar.

Auto-Owners also maintains normal business hours for its general customer service hotline at 800-346-0346. Customer service is available from 8am to 430pm EDT on Monday to Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday).

What Are Auto-Owners’ Customer Service Hours?

Auto-Owners offers 24/7 claims reporting and roadside assistance. All other services are available during normal business hours.

Auto-Owners customer service hours include:

  • 24/7 for claims reporting at 1-888-252-4626
  • 24/7 for roadside assistance at 1-888-869-2642
  • During normal, local business hours for all inquiries via your local agent
  • Monday to Friday from 8am to 430pm EDT for general customer service at 800-346-0346 (closed Saturday and Sunday)
  • 24/7 by online form at for general inquiries

How Do You Contact Auto-Owners?

You can contact Auto-Owners by phone, online form, or through your local agent:

  • For general customer service, call 800-346-0346
  • To make a claim, call 1-888-252-4626
  • For quote requests, find a local independent agent via
  • To request roadside assistance, call 1-888-869-2642
  • For general inquiries, policy changes, cancellations, claims reporting, and more, contact your local Auto-Owners agent

Does Auto-Owners’ Customer Service Have Good Reviews?

Auto-Owners Insurance has average reviews for claims satisfaction, customer service, and overall auto insurance. Most customers are satisfied with their Auto-Owners policy, finding the company works as advertised to provide adequate coverage and decent customer service.

J.D. Power surveys policyholders across the United States each year and asks about their recent experience making a claim. Then, J.D. Power ranks the largest insurers in states and subregions based on average customer score.

In the 2023 J.D. Power rankings, Auto-Owners Insurance scored below average in several subregions, including the Southwest, Southeast, and Florida subregions.

However, the company scored above average in other subregions, including strong scores in the North Central region (placing fifth overall for customer service and claims satisfaction among major insurance companies) and the California subregion (placing fourth overall).

Industry media and review aggregator websites also tend to have strong scores for Auto-Owners. Auto-Owners has a perfect 5-star score from NerdWallet, for example and an impressive 8.8 star out of 10 score from MarketWatch. A.M. Best has also given the company its top A++ rating for financial strength for 47 consecutive years.

Overall, Auto-Owners has average reviews for customer service, scoring close to its larger competitors for customer service, pricing, and overall claims satisfaction.

How Do You File a Claim?

You can file a claim with Auto-Owners through your local, independent agent.

Or, if it’s after normal business hours, you can call 1-888-252-4626 for Auto-Owners 24/7 claims reporting hotline.

How Do You Get Roadside Assistance?

Auto-Owners offers 24/7 roadside assistance across the United States and Canada. You can contact Auto-Owners roadside assistance for vehicle jumpstarts, flat tire changes, towing, gas and oil deliveries, accidents, vehicle unlocks, and more.

Call 1-888-TOW-AOIC (1-88-869-2642) to contact Auto-Owners roadside assistance 24/7.

A representative will verify your coverage and then dispatch a towing service or technician to your location.

How Do You Get a Quote?

You can get an Auto-Owners quote through a local agent in your area.

To find an agent and get a quote, use the online agent finder at the official website at

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