What is the New York Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee?

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

If you live in New York, you are probably already used to the extra expenses that often come along with living in such a densely populated area of the country. Since traffic is so congested in New York, many of these fees come in the form of higher insurance premiums. If you take a look at your car insurance bill, you may notice something called the Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee. New York is the only state to charge this fee, and you may be wondering exactly what it is.

What is the Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee?

The Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee is a $5 fee that is tacked onto every car insurance bill in New York state. This fee goes from the insurance companies to the state government, which then distributes it to law enforcement agencies. The purpose of the fee is to cover the cost of police efforts to investigate auto theft and other car-related crimes. The fee is charged per car, not per policy, so if you have multiple cars on your policy, you may be charged more than one fee.

Why do we need this fee?

Many people wonder why this fee is necessary, particularly if other states don’t have it. The necessity of this fee has actually been debated over the years, but it is an important part of keeping the New York police force working to the best of its ability. The fee generates over $50 million dollars in revenue, which is then distributed to local police forces throughout the state. While a large percentage of the revenue does go towards automobile-related crimes, the money is also used to fund general highway patrol services. A large percentage of the revenue also goes towards grants that the state awards to local law enforcement programs, which they can use as they see fit.

Is the fee required?

Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement FeeCar insurance companies are required to charge this fee for each car on their policies. The government leaves it up to insurance companies to charge and enforce these fees, so if you don’t pay this fee, you could get in trouble with your insurance company. Insurance companies could face consequences from the state if they don’t charge these fees, which is why they are motivated to charge them. The fee has changed over time, and the state periodically sends out reminders to insurance companies to make sure they are charging the fee. If you don’t live in New York and believe you were charged this fee erroneously, or you were charged an incorrect amount for the fee, contact your insurance company to have it removed.

Before moving to New York, it’s important to do your research on car insurance options there to see how they differ from your home state. Car insurance is very expensive in many parts of New York because of the high population density and congested roads. This leads to a much higher risk of car accidents and other issues, which is why insurance companies charge more. Each state also has its own unique fees, like the Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee, so be aware that your bill may look very different once you move.

There are a few key ways that you can save money on car insurance, even in an expensive state like New York. Staying aware of your local driving rules and regulations can go a long way towards saving you money. These money-saving tips include:

  • Taking a New York state-approved driver safety class. These classes are typically run by the DMV or another approved organization and can be done in person or in an online session. They aren’t particularly time-consuming, but they will give you a discount on your driver’s insurance, so it’s definitely worth doing.
  • Switching to a pay-per-mile insurance plan. Some insurance companies in New York are now offering insurance plans where you are only charged for the miles you drive. In New York, where public transportation is fairly comprehensive, many people find it easy to get around without driving, and just reserve their cars for special occasions. By switching to this type of policy and minimizing the amount of time you spend on the road, you could save hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Maintaining a clean driving record. Insurance companies like to reward drivers with good records with slightly lower premiums. This is because the insurance company considers you less of a risk than someone who has gotten into many accidents throughout the course of their life. Being a smart driver will not only keep you safer, but it will also save you money.
  • Shopping around. While you can’t control government fees, you can control which insurance company you use. Don’t be afraid to look around at different insurance companies to find a good deal.

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  1. david oshaughnessy says:

    What is the fee for NY state-required motor vehicle law enforcement fee? Just paid $20.00 for 2 vehicles when renewing ins. Policy. Just least new SUV, still have 2 vehicles insurance company now charging $30.00 for the 2 vehicles. Called ins company, was told by agent its ny law. That’s a total of $50.00 in one month.

    1. Darlene says:

      Same here… Just got charged $30 for 2 vehicles. Major rip off!

      1. Mike says:

        It’s for the cameras that are popping up on the sidewalks

    2. New York Motor Insurance says:

      Hi David,
      It definitely can be frustrating at times to pay so much money to the state government, but that is how the insurance and legal system is set up. Each state has different insurance requirements and regulations and operates differently. The State of New York is one of the most expensive states to live in when it comes to fees and taxes, so this isn’t surprising and is unlikely to change anytime soon. It can be frustrating to pay this money, but that is the law and unfortunately there isn’t anyway around it.

      1. Hurricane says:

        $5 per car
        not any more or any less.
        the insurance companies that charge more are ripping you off and you should probably look at carrying a different insurance company.
        I pay 10.00 for one
        guess who is looking for a new insurance company

      2. GiGi says:

        So we are just going to ignore the fact that the we pay the government through our paycheck taxes, the government Including law enforcement gets paid through our cell phone bills because they charge a fee for 911 regardless of it you call or not and if you call that’s an additional fee, we pay the government through our car insurance and we pay the government when we go shopping for basic essentials and luxury! I think y’all will be fine without this nonsense fee added to people’s insurance.

        1. Mike says:

          Bunch of useless politicians stealing ever dollar they can and label it as something else. It’s really to pay for all the privacy stealing flick safety camera on all the streets

      3. Koz says:

        and you just stated the (in my opinion) most STUPID reason for this tax…..”that is the law and unfortunately there isn’t anyway around it”! Laws can be changed if enough people complain about it. In a criminal case, a lawyer would tear this fee apart. Just because NY charges the fee doesn’t mean it’s right. Our taxes are suppose to pay for protection…i.e. Police. I am not for “defunding” the police departments but I am for fair taxes. Since NY state is the only state to charge this fee, I see 2 options. 1. remove the fee or 2. make the rest of the states charge the fee….it’s only fair!

  2. Robert Shupinski says:

    isnt that what we pay taxes for?

    1. Liam Kol says:

      This is a garbage fee. They are using our money to bribe police departments to investigate car thefts.

  3. Delles says:

    Thieves. It doesn’t generate revenue. It takes more money for residents of this overtaxed state.

  4. Robert DiMassi says:

    Just another perk of living in NY

  5. Rich says:

    The politicians in New York will try every way to TAX. They SPEND AND TAX and then lie to us how they seduce taxes. Useless liberal politicians steal our money and tell us how good th eye are.

  6. Alvin says:

    this is not a good reason to add another charge to insurance policy,
    like New York don’t rip-off the middle class just keep adding deductions to my income. this site shows $5 but my policy added $20 for 2 vehicles. The police needs extra money , this is BS

  7. Sofiya Chavdaroff says:

    It’s outrageous to make drivers pay this type of fee to profit NY state which already gets our tax money. its never enough because they don’t know how to save money they just impose new constantly growing fees. so they continue to push insurance companies to collect more revenue to pay for police who supposed to work on salaries not from drivers’ pockets money because we don’t hire them. perhaps it’s even going to hire more traffic agents to give super high tickets for minor offenses and parking tickets which hard to dismissed because courts as well work under not law but to please NY state by increasing revenue. by the way no one collects even an extra dollar to increase my salary. it’s a very unfair system to only take, take, and take and don’t give anything back. NY spent so much money on coloring streets and decrease speed and cameras there is no place to drive anymore and in such slow speed impossible to get anyway. and where before were extra driving lines now are zebras. what was the purpose for these terrible changes? who came up with this idea and who got profit out of it?

    1. New York Motor Insurance says:

      Hi Sofiya,
      Unfortunately that is the reality of fees and regulations in New York. Each state is governed and regulated differently, and some states have more of a state budget surplus than others. Unfortunately, due to many historical, political, and demographic reasons, New York is one of the more expensive states to live in but also one that struggles with a budget. This is why there are so many fees for many things, in addition to high taxes. It can definitely be frustrating, but there isn’t much recourse other than speaking with your state representative or moving to another state.

      1. Real working american says:

        The reason we need these “fees” is not to help police investigate car theft. GPS can find cars, it doesn’t require 50 million in “fees” and police barely spend any time solving these types of crimes anyway. It’s not Fast and Furious investigating.

        Here is the real reason:

        Police are an entitled bunch who work for 20 years then retire in their 40s on comfy 80K-100K pensions that will be given to them till they die. They only pay a small maybe 5% into their pensions every year. With the advances in medicine, these people will live longer and the pensions will have to out from their retirement age in the 40’s to like 90 years. That’s paying an average of 50 years at an average $70K an officer. That’s $3,500,000 that a police officer will collect in pension benefits from sleeping at home on a small $100,000 pension contribution over years.
        Basic math
        Pension promise 3,500,000
        officer contributed 100,000
        balance remaining 3,400,000

        where to get this money??
        Fixed investment in stock market giving like 8-10% return.
        So the remaining balance must come from taxing, fines (make up new laws and fines and keep the population ignorant of such laws to collect more) AKA surcharges, and fees (stealing, legal forces stealing requiring payment for services not provided)

        God forbid we cut those pension benefits! People might have to work harder like many other Americans without comfy pensions.

  8. demi says:

    But if they charge $5.00 per vehicle how come I’m getting a charge of $40.00 for 4 cars not $20.00

  9. Connie says:

    If I get a new vehicle to replace an old vehicle, why do I have to pay this fee again for the same time period? I already paid it for the old vehicle. I still have the save number of vehicles.

  10. Janet Rich says:

    The money collected should go to drivers education in schools; which has been cut in many NY schools. The greed of NYS law enforcement without checks and balances has ruined our once great state. We now have police in all NY schools but no drivers education. Keep wondering what’s wrong.
    Greed – more, more and more

  11. Peter Locicero says:

    This motor vehicle enforcement fee is just another rip off from these criminal politicians.
    No wonder New York State leads the country in people leaving here. We have the worst governor in the country!

  12. John V. Chimera says:

    Then why am I paying $30.00,I only have two cars?????

  13. Elijah says:

    Police do not need extra money to investigate auto theft or auto-related crimes, are they not already paid to do just that exact thing. No other State “steals” from drivers like this. They admit a large percentage of the $50 Million dollars collected goes to police departments to “Use as they see Fit” whatever that means? Like what extra Microwave ovens, Nazi Style black helmets and Black clothing and AR-15 assault rifles? Once they get this money there is no accountability and no restrictions on what it is spent on. That’s why this is problematic. When a car is stolen, that’s one of the lowest priority things. Police do not prevent crime , they respond to crimes and often do little or no work other than filling out forms and counting beans (adding to statistics to justify their existence). Like after 911 Pataki Doubled the size of the State Police, yet what role did they play in 911 investigation. 911 was in a city, not a rural area. Did the police in Alexandria double in size when the Pentagon was hit on 911? This is an unnecessary charge that should be removed. If you ask any other state do they charge drivers a fee to investigate auto theft, they will tell you they have Police for that and besides autos that are stolen are never sold and put back on the road, they are typically stolen for collision parts or they are immediately driven into shipping containers and sold to carribean and central and south american countries. If anyone was really interested in preventing auto theft they would have people at all the New York and New Jersey port facilities under observation 24 hours a day to stop any cars from being driven into shipping containers. They would also stop any tow truck or Tow Flat bed truck to see who owns the car on the towing operators truck. Some of these people “scour” an area looking for a particular type auto for a front end or rear end to steal and bring it to a “chop shop”. When was the last time you ever heard of the Police ever finding a stolen auto ? Or when was the last time you ever of the Police finding a ‘Chop Shop” ? The only time you hear any cops talk about a stolen car is when they use that as an excuse to stop you and use that to start “fishing” for any reason to write a ticket.

  14. Pauline Pratt says:

    If the fee is $5.00 per vehicle, how are insurance companies charging more than that amount? Is that per month or per year?

  15. Keenlya McCargo says:

    Is this fee tax deductible? If not it should be!

  16. Jonathan Brookover says:

    So I have a question. With the defunding of the New York Police, as a whole, where are the money and funds going to? Those who are having money taken out, you mean to honestly tell me that those funds are going to where they are stated that they are? With the trend of recent events involving the defunding of the police, tell me where the funds are going now or why the amounts to provide have not been reduced.

  17. Vanbert Green says:

    I’m confuse about the (MVL) Fee $10 per register Vehicle and Broker Fee. I own a For-Hire Vehicle with TLC plate and license. I have been paying a $120 per year now as of this year the brokerage charging $240 per year, even though in the column stills state $10. Second, what is the Broker’s fee for I’m being charged $100. Can you help me out with an explanation. Thank you.

  18. Sue Hughes says:

    How can we get this off our insurance premium? We are the “Land of Taxes” Enough is enough!

  19. SHERI Lyn BALDWIN says:

    After reading about the reasoning for this fee, I could not believe it. I really think I am referring to insured motorists who live in upstate NY. Before placing this fee on anyone (which is only being charged to New York State auto policy holders), they, who ever created this charge should have done more research and charged per area. For example, NY City residents who make higher salaries should pay more. Then areas with higher population and crime such as Albany and Troy charged a little less, with upstate rural areas paying the least.

  20. Theresa Archer says:

    Just switched insurance carriers with a continuity of coverage on one motor vehicle. Received an additional premium notice for 25.60 for NY Law Enforcement Fee. I think policy cancellation 30.60 was credited 5.00 is this legal

  21. Adam says:

    * § 9110. Motor vehicle law enforcement fee. (a) Every insurance
    company authorized to do business in this state shall annually collect,
    in addition to the applicable premium charge, a motor vehicle law
    enforcement fee charged to each holder of a policy issued in the state
    or for delivery in the state for motor vehicle liability insurance

    (b) The annual fee is hereby imposed at the rate of ten dollars per
    insured motor vehicle registered pursuant to the provisions of paragraph
    b of subdivision one of section four hundred one of the vehicle and
    traffic law. Provided, however, that such fee shall be reduced by fifty
    percent per insured motor vehicle registered pursuant to the provisions
    of paragraph b of subdivision one of section four hundred one of the
    vehicle and traffic law where a policy issued in the state or for
    delivery in the state for motor vehicle liability insurance coverage is
    for a term of six months or less. Such fee will be paid monthly by
    insurance companies to the superintendent on or before the fifteenth of
    the month next succeeding the month in which such collections are

  22. Clare L. Natel says:

    Where can I find an itemized expenditure of the 50 million revenue from the Law Enforcement Fee? It appears the money may be used discretionary and not specific to its legal intent. I’d like detail.

    Thank you.
    Interested Taxpayer

  23. christopher walters says:

    my local precinct(68 in Bay ridge Brooklyn) flat out told me they were not going to look for my truck, when it got stolen a few years ago. I, by myself, hunted down every lead I could find, looked for cameras on the block it was stolen from, and eventually found my own vehicle. I called the police in that jurisdiction before touching it and they refused to fingerprint nor do anything. On the windshield was a 3 day old parking ticket, of which I still had to go and argue to get it dismissed. This fee is total BS

  24. Wayne says:

    If other states could manage without that fee why should New York be any different?

  25. Rafa says:

    Just an added tax, that’s why the rich are leaving and the poor get stuck paying the taxes

  26. MJ Vits says:

    Why are we the only state to have this fee charged to our car insurance payments. This is ludicrous and another tax in this state as we are a broke state. Goverment is for the people by the people. I don’t remember ever having a say in this or voting for it. STOP TAXING us to death. You are destroying our country and making us poorer and poorer. Time for planning a move to another state with less taxes, more protection, liberty & freedom as our forefathers, present & past military, & veterans fought for! Wake up America, God is in control!!!

  27. myrna conlon says:

    is this $5 fee just supposed to be charged only once per car ??? Or every time you make a monthly car insurance payment????? because then thats $60 per year for one car.

  28. George Murray says:

    Inasmuch as NYS admits it HAS THE HIGHEST Insurance rates it also has the HIGHEST Taxes. To pile on more Fees is an abusive fee.
    The article claims the money goes toward automobile related crime & other programs. This is so loosely defined it’s an open door for abuse & improper allocation of funds by the Criminal Politicians. Disgraceful